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As technology continues to advance, artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way into various industries, including the hiring and job-hunting arena. Research indicates that by 2024, 43 percent of companies are planning to adopt or have already implemented AI-led job interviews. For job seekers, understanding how to stand out and impress AI during the hiring process has become crucial. This article aims to provide insights and tips for job seekers and hiring managers to prepare for AI-led interviews.

The Impact of AI on Hiring:

AI-led interviews are expected to increase hiring efficiency, with around eight in 10 companies believing AI is more likely to identify qualified candidates and improve the hiring process. However, the most concerning aspect is that more than half of respondents fear AI will eventually replace human hiring managers entirely. This presents challenges for both HR teams and job seekers who now have to navigate AI systems during the screening process.

Preparing for AI-Led Interviews:

If you find yourself facing an AI-led interview, it’s essential to approach it with the right mindset and preparation. Here are some tips to help you interview like a pro:

  1. Treat it like a normal interview: Even though it might feel unusual, act as if you are speaking to a human interviewer. Maintain eye contact, dress professionally, and exude confidence during the virtual interview. Sticking to familiar interview practices will help you feel more at ease.
  2. Use company jargon: AI systems are designed to pick up on specific keywords and phrases, so try to use relevant terms from the job description during your answers. Mimicking the company’s jargon can leave a positive impression on the AI.
  3. Practice: Practice answering common interview questions related to the job, industry, skills, and experiences. Consider setting up virtual interviews with friends and recording them for self-assessment and improvement.

Challenges of AI-Led Interviews:

AI-led interviews present unique challenges for both job seekers and hiring managers. For applicants, not having human interaction during the interview can be disconcerting, especially for those who rely on their charm and personability. Additionally, AI can introduce biases that may lead to the elimination of candidates for irrelevant or unfair reasons.

The Use of AI in Other Business Areas:

Apart from conducting interviews, AI is transforming various aspects of business operations. For instance:

  1. AI-driven customer support: Companies are using chatbots to offer immediate communication with customers, answer FAQs, and connect challenging queries to human representatives.
  2. AI-conducted competitor analyses: AI can dig up information about competitors, identify areas of improvement, and suggest ways to stand out in the industry.
  3. AI-generated marketing and ad copy: AI can quickly draft marketing content or advertisements based on brand information, though editing and fact-checking are still necessary.
  4. AI-assisted brainstorming: AI tools can help generate ideas and solutions to common problems, contributing to creative brainstorming sessions.


As AI continues to transform various industries, job seekers must adapt to AI-led interviews to enhance their chances of securing a job. By preparing effectively and understanding how to impress AI, you can stand out in a highly competitive job market. Moreover, companies should be mindful of potential biases and limitations of AI systems while integrating them into hiring processes. Embracing AI and utilizing it effectively can streamline business operations, enhance decision-making, and lead to better overall outcomes.

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